Yul Edochie’s Elder Brother Tells Ladies Implications Of ‘Sleeping With Animals’

The elder brother of actor Yul Edochie, Linc has reacted to the current trend of ladies sleeping with Dogs for millions of Naira.

This is coming days after Veegodess, a Tik Toker in the viral video that surfaced on social media acknowledged having relations with a dog.

According to the Tik Toker with a following of over three thousand on the social medium, there is no big deal having carnal knowledge with an animal.

She noted that 1.5 million is quite huge and she was not infected after the encounter.

She added that she enjoyed her money, urging the public to stop criticizing such lifestyle.

Reacting to the development;  Lince Edochie via his Instagram handle issued warning to women indulging in such an act.

According to him, sleeping with animals is not hustling but mortgaging their soul to the devil.

He added that such women will never be normal again.

He wrote; “Heard some sh*t a couple of days back about girls sleeping with dogs all in the name of making money. ..This is not hustling, this is mortgaging your soul to the devil. Some dark religions encourage this and the sad truth is, these girls may never be normal again.”

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