‘You Really Sound Empty’ – Opeyemi Falegan Knocks Nkechi Blessing


Opeyemi Falegan, the ex-boyfriend of controversial Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, has reacted to her recent interview.

Naija News earlier reported that Nkechi while featuring on TVC programme opened up about using Opeyemi to get back at her American ex-boyfriend, Mike Adeyemi.

According to the actress, she never loved Opeyemi but agreed to date him when she realised that Mike has moved on with another lady.

Nkechi said: “No I don’t, he was the one that loves me more so the thing was the time I was trying to level up to the level of love he said he has for me, that was where he messed up. I would not want anybody to make the kind of mistake that I made, I recently broke out of a relationship with my ex- that leaves in America and in the heat of the breakup, we were still trying to fix things, and he started posting a girl covering her face.

“I realized that there is this man asking me out ok, fine man, in all ramifications of the kind of people I want to date, he is not one of them. So that was me using him to get back at my ex, and then I landed up in a relationship.”

Reacting to this, Opeyemi, in a post shared on Instagram, slammed Nkechi, saying that she sounds empty.

He said: “Attaching my name to yours is dysfunction, just stop mentioning my name beg, someone should pls give her content, she sounds really empty now. Opeyemi Falegan na the only content you get? Kilode. This girl will never stop mentioning my name kilodeeee? Once I have a reason to go, I will never find an excuse to come back. You no get content again”

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