Yoruba Lawyers Association Carpets Egbe Amofin over Akpata Feud, Reiterates Yoruba Lawyers’ Maximum Support


29th August, 2022.

The leadership and members of the Yoruba Lawyers Association of Nigeria(YOLAN) aka Yoruba Council of Lawyers Worldwide (Igbimo Apapo Agbejoro Yoruba Lagbaye)- under the auspices of the Yoruba Council Worldwide laconically condemn in its entirety the ethnic bigotry statement on the withdrawal of Yoruba Lawyer’s supports under the Egbe Amofin Oodua Group and their non-attendance at the NBA AGC 2022.

Following the ongoing news trend credited to Chief Adeniyi Akintola SAN thus “When that boy Akpata came on board, we the Yoruba leaders, the Egbe Amofin, we took the unified position that we will not dignify that boy with our presence at any of his Bar gathering. Unfortunately, some of our people who took that decision alongside with us betrayed that trust”.

“The Deputy Leader of Egbe Amofin O’odua, Chief Adeniyi Akintola SAN has said that Body of Benchers Chairman, Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN was privy to a pact to boycott Nigerian Bar Association activities while the immediate past NBA President, Mr. Olumide Akpata held the reins”.

We frown at the height of crudity, injustice and total rejection of Mr. Olumide Akpata by the Yoruba Leaders under the aegis of the Egbe Amofin Oodua: a noble group of Omoluabi – virtuous wise men of thought.

Wherein according to the deputy leader, Chief Adeniyi Akintola SAN that he alongside Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN, Chairman, Body of Benchers (BoB) unequivocally vowed never to have anything do with the Olumide Akpata led NBA leadership. This is extremely embarrassing and calculated to be myopic, personal vendetta and self-centred headless struggle.

We are equally not happy with the reference to describing legal practitioners from the Yoruba extraction that attended the NBA AGC 2022 as “Soro Soke Boys and Girls.” This is absolutely uncalled for and most demeaning.

Yorubas are more wiser when it comes to fighting a collective battle. Rather than getting all of us involved in a matter of public values and mutual respect for the rule of law.

We the Yoruba Lawyers Association of Nigeria distance other well meaning Yoruba Lawyes from any issue that is capable of dividing our noble organization- NBA along pessimistic ethnic lines, most dangerously to end the Bar in abyss to say the least.

NBA is one, hence all lawyers must embrace the Association with common love, peace and unity under any leadership irrespective of religion nor ethnic colouration, but must act collectively

on the principle of equitable justice, fairness and absolute justice.

We therefore reiterate YOLAN’s support and pass a vote of confidence on Olumide Akpata past led NBA leadership that just bowed out for ensuring succinct delivery of his campaign promises of a “Greater Bold Bar”.


Aare Oladotun Hassan,

President, Yoruba Lawyers Association of Nigeria (YOLAN).


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