Vigilantes kill bandit leader in Sokoto, identify him as former resident

A suspected bandit leader, who led his gang to attack Takakume community on Sunday morning in the Goronyo Local Government Area of Sokoto State has been killed.

He was also identified as a former resident of the community.

The armed gang attacked the community in the early hours of Sunday but were engaged by the vigilante in a fierce battle resulting to the death of the gang leader.

A source from the community confirmed to LAGOS HERALD, “He was the one leading the attack on the community.”

Abdulwahab Goronyo, the council chairman, while speaking to newsmen, explained that the bandits attacked the community around midnight, killed one person and abducted six.

According to the chairman, “Vigilantes in the area pursued the bandits and in the process killed one of them who was later identified as one of the persons that once resided in the area. He lived with his parents.”

He explained that some days ago, the same village was attacked by bandits while those abducted were still in captivity.

However, a source claimed that the bandits had killed the captives out of annoyance that their leader was killed.

He said that the bandits shot the abductees to death and their bodies were recovered this morning and buried.

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