Video Of Muslim Clerics Praying At Bobrisky’s Housewarming Surfaces


A video of some Muslim clerics (Alfas) praying for Nigerian cross-dresser, Idris Okunneye better known as Bobrisky during his housewarming has surfaced on the internet.

LAGOS HERALD understands that the now-viral video has sparked reactions on social media as netizens questioned the presence of the clerics at such an event.

In the video, Bobrisky was seen sitting on a chair while the clerics sat on the floor as they pray for the cross-dresser.

The controversial crossdresser had earlier showed off his multi-million naira house weeks after he was accused of lying about owning a home.

LAGOS HERALD reports that there have been speculations that Bobrisky didn’t buy the house but rented it to chase clout on the internet. However, the male Barbie proved the naysayers wrong after sharing a photo of the mansion on social media.

Taking to Instagram, Bobrisky wrote: ”I brought myself a smart home. This is what a home of 400, 000million in one of the best locations in Lagos.”

See below the video which has generated a barrage of reactions on social media.

LAGOS HERALD understands that the controversial social media influencer had recently admitted to taking a loan for his housewarming party.

This is amidst the speculations that Bobrisky’s new apartment was rented and wasn’t built or bought by him as claimed.

After much anticipation of his housewarming party, Bobrisky took to his Instagram page to announce the scheduled date of the event.

Reacting to the Instagram post a social media user subtly shaded Bobrisky that he would be funding the party with a loan.

Responding, Bobrisky admitted he took a loan but at least had good credit in his account before he was given a loan.

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