Tems, Omah Lay And Burna Boy In Apple Music Worldwide Album Charts


Tems, Omah Lay and Burna Boy are in the Top 200 of Apple Music album worldwide charts. Tems’ album ‘For Broken Ears’ occupies the 112th spot while Omah Lay’s ‘Boy Alone’ sits quite comfortably, at No. 56. Burna Boy’s latest album, ‘Love, Damini’ is currently on No. 10 and that’s really something.

Since the revolution of Afrobeats in Nigeria, various Nigerian artistes have emerged and stepped up, taking the bull by the horn and giving the Nigerian sound another dimension. It’s been a whole new dynamic as Afrobeats has brought a lot of recognition to Nigerian music.

From Afrobeat artistes hitting new milestones to their songs breaking various records, it is a genre of music which is becoming more peculiar to Nigeria, and one can rightly say it is indigenous to Nigeria as a country.

It is quite the achievement, that for the past three years thereabouts, some Afrobeats artistes have made one time U.S president, Barack Obama’s summer playlist, and international artistes featuring Nigerian artistes and vice versa.

Occupying charts, doing numbers, and breaking records has become the order of the day for Afrobeats artistes and their songs and it indeed is a new dawn of music in Nigeria.

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