Suspected herdsmen kill 102-year-old, 21 others in Southern Kaduna


The Chawai (Tsam) Development Association (CDA), in Kauru Local Government Area of Kaduna State has said that suspected armed herdsmen have killed about 22 persons, injured several others and burnt scores of houses.

Chief Abel Habila Adamu, President, Chawai Development Association, in a statement issued and made available to LAGOS HERALD explained that the attacks took place at Ungwan Magaji, Ungwan Rimi, Kitakum and lasted for hours.

According to him, “This evil was carried out despite the ongoing peace talks between the Fulani herdsmen and the natives of host communities in Tsam Chiefdom by relevant stakeholders, international organizations, NGOs.”

The association condemned in no small measure the wanton destruction of lives and property of their harmless, peace-loving farmers, stressing that they believed that government’s unwillingness to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against the Tsam people is what is making these lawless armed herdsmen more bold to repeat these crimes anytime they wish.

The statement gave the names of those killed as Daniel Sunday, 47, Andrew John, 27, Ariko Adi, 28, Jummai Thomas, 87, Monday Gani, 29, John Amah, 52, David Amah, 63 (a retired civil servant), Malu David, 31, Moris Kure, 53, Ravo Agah-61, Sati Ringo-39 and Garba Kira, 56.

Others are Danladi Adaraso, 56, Monday Yerima, 50, Tupac John, 40, Malu Vulah, 45, Lydia Danladi-30 and Mary Danladi, 27.

At Unguwan Rimi, 52 houses were burnt after the village was looted of foodstuff, animals and other valuables, while those injured are Ayuba Adamu, Bawa Joshua and Asabe Danladi.

It further explained that at Kitakum village, it witnessed what it called “the heartless murder” of a great, great grandfather,

Garba Akur, 102. They razed 32 houses to the ground after looting the village.

“Ungwan Makera was also attacked, leaving one Audu Tulu severely injured while 8 houses were burnt, foodstuff and valuables looted or burnt,” the statement stated.

It appealed to all Chawai sons and daughters to remain calm and extend all hands of cooperation with law enforcement agencies, saying that CDA would follow due process until the right thing is done by the relevant authorities at all levels of government.


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