Sky’s The Limit Podcast: Changing the game with Merren McArthur


Merren McArthur in 2018 when the Virgin Group appointed her CEO of Tigerair Virgin
Merren McArthur in 2018 when the Virgin Group appointed her CEO of Tigerair (Virgin)

Merren McArthur has certainly made her mark on Australia’s aviation sector as the former CEO of Virgin Australia Regional Airlines and Tigerair who was dedicated to improving female engagement in aviation.

In this episode of Sky’s The Limit, hosts Hannah Dowling and Anna Grbas sit down with Merren to discuss how she navigated her own career progression out of in-house counsel to the C-suite level in the competitive, male-dominated aviation space.

Merren also shares how she was able to improve female participation not only in her pilot cohort, but also in her senior management teams at Tiger — a plan she intends to use again in her new role.

Finally, Merren reveals the details of her new venture with Canadian startup budget carrier LynxAir, and the number one piece of advice she would offer to her younger self.

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