Shippers’ council canvasses robust industrial base for improved economy


The Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) has stressed the need to develop the nation’s industrial base to balance trade and boost the economy.

Speaking, yesterday, at a sensitisation meeting tagged, ‘Promoting Competitiveness and Compliance in Nigerian Maritime Industry: Mandate of the NSC in Focus,’ Executive Secretary (ES) of NSC, Emmanuel Jime, noted that the Nigerian port is a critical infrastructure that needs to be made competitive and guarded against monopoly.

Nigerian Shippers Council

Represented by the South-South Coordinating Officer, Glory Onojedo, the ES expressed the need to regulate the activities at the port necessitated the NSC Act in 2004 to create an effective regime at ports, control tariffs, and rates, charges and other economic services.

He said: “There is the need to develop the nation’s industrial base, to balance trade and boost the nation’s economy.

“The port, as a critical infrastructure, needs to be made competitive, guarded against monopoly and made free for numerous players to enter and exit for its users to enjoy the benefit of lower prices and efficient service delivery usually associated with the competition.”

Jime, however, noted that the goal was to provide effective regulation that would make the transportation sector efficient and contribute positively to the development of the nation’s economy, explaining that the NSC accomplished a lot in three years.

“We have made some accomplishments in the provision of guidelines for setting tariffs, rates and charges to guard against arbitrariness, as well as ensure that the port operates competitively.

“We have established a complaint resolution desk to attend to complaints from service providers and users. We have also established machinery for monitoring compliance with the set operational standard,” he said.

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