Safiya Balarabe Sends Goodwill Message to NBA Lagos Branch on Account of Their Monthly Meeting


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Safiya Balarabe, Esq.

Read below Safiya Balarabe’s goodwill message to NBA, Lagos branch as they conduct their monthly meeting, today 20th June, 2022.

“The distinguished Chairman, Executives and Members of the Premier Bar,

As you convoke today to conduct your monthly meeting, permit me to use this medium in conveying my thoughts to your elite Bar.

There are too numerous the positive adjectives that describe your branch. I will however harp on ‘excellent’. As though living up to your state’s mantra, you have made your bar the centre of excellence.

You have constantly infused this excellence in your meetings through your Knowledge Sharing Sessions. Today’s KSS which is ‘Law Firm Competency Framework for Law Firms’ by Dr. Adeoye Adefulu , Chairman NBA Lagos Branch Law Firm Competency Framework Committee) is another example of this fact.

I wish your bar more excellence in all its endeavours.

Thank you.”


Safiya Balarabe, Treasurer, NBA Women Forum and Candidate for the position of NBA Treasurer 2022-2024


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