Reactions As Davido Subtly ‘Confirms’ Paternity Of 4th Child With Larissa London (Video)


Popular Nigerian singer David Adeleke with the stage name Davido has been spotted with his 4th child Dawson at an event.

Dawson is the son of Larissa Yasmin Lorenco, aka Larissa London. She is a London-based make-up artist.

There have been speculations surrounding the father of Dawson and most people have alleged that Davido is the toddler’s father considering that he bears a strong resemblance to the singer.

However, it seems that David has subtly confirmed the paternity of his son as he was seen in an event carrying the boy.

Below is a video from the event

 Reactions To The Video.

Leena: “So it is true

Chef_ivyjones: “looks so much like him.”

Andyhilary: “Finally.”

Chy_nasa: “So much resemblance.”

Mum_tiwatope: ‘Obo junior sha plenty.”

I Am My Son Only Parent- Larissa London

During a question and answer session some weeks back on Instagram, Larissa had said that she is her son’s only parent.

The makeup artiste had earlier deleted all the pictures of her son from Instagram, one of her fans asked about her son and why she deleted all his pictures.

She explained that she got bored of the pictures, and that was why she deleted them all. She, however, posted a new picture of Dawson, her son, to satisfy her curious fans.

When she was asked if she was on good terms with the father of her son, she has not posted pictures of him on social media.

She revealed that she is the only parent of her son.

No, I am Dawson’s only parent.”

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