‘Portable Should Be Taken To Rehabilitation Centre’ – Delta State Governor’s aide


Ossai Ovie Success, an aide to Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, has averred that fast-rising singer Habeeb Okikiola, popularly called Portable, should be taken to a rehabilitation centre with immediate effect.

LAGOS HERALD earlier reported that the Ogun State Police command ordered the singer’s arrest after a viral video of Portable ordering some youths to beat up a young man and inflict bodily injury on him surfaced online.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Okowa’s aide commended the singer for defeating poverty but said a lot of his misbehaviours are associated with too much consumption of alcohol and drug.

Ossai said someone close to Portable should as a matter of urgency take the singer to an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre.

According to Ossai Ovie  some celebrities who started developing kidney problems or having issues in their career are linked to excessive intake of alcohol and drugs.

He wrote: “Take Portable to alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre. As a young boy, I love Zazu singer Portable zeal of defeating poverty but the truth must be told.

“There are a lot of misbehaviors in him that are associated with too much alcohol and drugs This young boy needs to be taken care of before he get himself damaged all in the name of fame.

“Someone close to him should as a matter of urgency take Portable to alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre.

“Don’t say his character is what is giving him fame because this is how some persons started having kidney problems or musical career started dying while people were busy hailing them.

“I need him to be more better in doing his things and that is why I am so concerned about his well-being. He needs urgent attention.”

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