Organ-Harvesting Allegations: What we know about the Ekweremadu saga


LAGOS HERALD – The Nigerian social media space has in the last twenty-four hours been awash with reports of a former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu and his wife been accused of an organ-harvesting plot in the United Kingdom.

According to a statement by the London Metropolitan Police, it arrested a Nigerian national, Ike Ekweremadu, and his wife, Beatrice Nwanneka Ekweremadu, for conspiring to bring a child to the UK for organ harvesting.

“Beatrice Nwanneka Ekweremadu, 55 (10.9.66) of Nigeria is charged with conspiracy to arrange/facilitate travel of another person with a view to exploitation, namely organ harvesting.

“Ike Ekweremadu, 60 (12.05.62) of Nigeria is charged with conspiracy to arrange/facilitate travel of another person with a view to exploitation, namely organ harvesting.”

Senator Ekweremadu and his wife were reported to have been arrested by Met Police officers as they were preparing to fly from London to Turkey on June 21. The police adds that the investigation was launched after detectives were alerted to potential offences under modern slavery legislation in May 2022.

A Flashback?

Similarly, a letter to the UK High Commission dated December 28 2021 reportedly written by the embattled lawmaker, in support of a visa application for one Ukpo Nwamini David, surfaced online.

The letter indicates that the “teenager” was undergoing medical investigations for a kidney donation to Ms Sonia Ekweremadu, the lawmaker’s daughter.

“David and Sonia will be at the Royal Free Hospital London, and I will be providing the necessary funding. I have enclosed a statement of my bank account.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require additional information. Please accept the assurances of my highest regards,” he added.

Who is Sonia Ekweremadu?

Not much is known about Senator Ekweremadu’s daughter, but records available on LAGOS HERALD’s website reveal that Sonia, who is one of his four adult children, graduated from Coventry University in the United Kingdom.

In July 2019, the lawmaker in celebration of her daughter’s graduation took to his Instagram account to share his family picture which included Sonia Chinonso who had just graduated with BA in Media and Communications.


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According to the UK Telegraph, “the couple are accused of having brought the homeless 15-year-old street-child into Britain from Lagos on a false passport – on which his age was given as 21 – after promising him a new life in London.”

The child is said to have undergone a series of blood tests in Nigeria, before arriving in the UK on February 20 this year.

An appointment was allegedly made for the teenager at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, where he had an initial appointment with a consultant. The consultant refused to proceed further because he had concerns about the 15-year-old.

The court was told the boy returned to the couple’s address in Cricklewood and subsequently went to a London police station.”

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Ekweremadu’s Defence

Senator Ekweremadu and his wife were also alleged by the prosecution to have supplied the teenager with a “medical travel visa” in order to “provide treatment for the defendants’ daughter, who is undergoing kidney dialysis.”

Having been charged to court by the Met Police and partners, the couple who have been remanded in custody, appeared at the Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

At the Court, they spoke to confirm their names, dates of birth and told the court clerk they live in Nigeria. They also denied the charges through their defence counsel but did not enter a formal plea.

According to Mrs Ekweremadu’s counsel, Antonia Gray, who described her as a financial accountant with an unblemished record, “she has never been complicit or involved in any illegal trafficking of young persons.”

On the part of Gavin Irwin; Senator Ekweremadu’s counsel, he described the allegations as “preposterous,” stressing that the lawmaker “has led a blameless life as a public servant.”

“He is a member of the senate of Nigeria. He previously had an even more senior role as the deputy president of the senate of Nigeria,” the defence counsel said.

The lawmakers were however denied bail after the prosecutors argued they posed a flight risk if allowed to stay at their North-West London home, the Telegraph reports.

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Senator Ekweremadu is a fifth-term lawmaker is the Senator representing Enugu West Senatorial District at the 9th National Assembly under the platform of the opposition People’s Democratic Party.

First elected to Nigeria’s Upper Legislative House in 2003, he served as Deputy President at the Red Chamber between 2007 and 2015 and currently serves as Leader of the SenateSouth-East Caucus.

The Enugu legislator was recently appointed visiting Professor of Corporate and International Linkages at the University of Lincoln. 

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