Nigerians Revisit DNA Issues As Davido Post Pictures Of Hailey Looking All Grown

Social media users are reacting to a beautiful photo Davido posted of his second daughter, Hailey Adeleke, looking beautiful and grown.

He posted the picture via his Instagram account with the caption my twin. The singer has often being praised for his strong genes which are clearly visible in Imade, Hailey and his son Ifeanyi.

However, the constant controversy over DNA seems to have being thrown on the singers doorstep despite the strong resemblance with his children.

Some people have said that resemblance does not determine the paternity of a child.

Read the comments below :

Emerald04: “E go shock una say your pikin fit resemble you make e no still be your pikin.

My bruh trust me it’s really a scary world we live in smiley.”

RealtalkerO2 “Davido aside. Child fit resemble the papa , belong to someone else though.”

Thesociopath: “The resemblance is uncanny, especially in the second picture.”

Wakaanda: “Wow… no need for a DNA test.”

Salbis: “In all you do, try and get legit money. May God bless all legit hustlers. She’s cute.”

Segzy: “Hmmm! Davido father’s Gene is so strong.  The girl looks like her grandpa… No need for DNA for sure.” 

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