Nigerians Must Unite To Bring In New Government To Address Insecurity, Others — Sheikh Gumi


Controversial Islamic scholar, Ahmad Gumi, has lamented the spate of insecurity and economic distress bedevilling Nigerian households.

Gumi, in an interview with LAGOS HERALD, acknowledged that Nigerians are suffering and are unable to feed themselves as prices of products continue to skyrocket in the market.

Speaking on the recent attacks on the Abuja-Kaduna train, the Islamic cleric prayed for the immediate release of those in the custody of the bandits.

He further enjoined Nigerians to remain united as the 2023 general elections draw near, to establish a government capable of alleviating the hardship imposed on Nigerians by the current government.

“I can say most Nigerians are in one form or the other in serious economic distress; nevertheless, we should not forget those under the mercy of kidnappers and the downtrodden.

“We pray for their immediate release and hope Nigerians will unite to usher in a new government that will address these difficulties,” he added.

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