NBA Ibadan Branch Chair-Elect: DAB Congratulates New Chair and entire Executive Committee Members


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L-r: Dhikrullah Adewale Balogun (DAB), Mrs. Folashade Aladeniyi

The Candidate for the post of Assistant General Secretary in person of BALOGUN Dhikrullah Adewale congratulates the newly elected Chairman and other executives-elect.

“It gives me great joy and gladdens my heart to witness the emergence of the first chairman of the NBA Ibadan Branch.

Over the years, there has always been a clamour to have women take up leadership positions. The emergence of Mrs. Folashade Aladeniyi as the first woman chairman since the existence of the Ibadan Bar 68years ago is a fulfillment of that dream and is worthy of being celebrated.

This is a testament of the fact that, the NBA is getting more and more sophisticated and inclusive in its approach to leadership.

I therefore use this opportunity to congratulate the former Chairman – Mr. Olayinka Esan and his wonderful team as well as the newly elected Chairman of the bar in person of Mrs. Folashade Aladeniyi together with her incoming team, while praying that, Ibadan Branch will continue to grow from strength to strength.

May your reign be a source of blessings to not only Ibadan Branch but to the entire NBA.


BALOGUN, Dhikrullah Adewale (DAB),

Candidate for the post of Assistant

General Secretary.


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