Monarch sanctions raid of 14 drug spots, flogging of indecent dressers in Bayelsa

The traditional ruler of the Okpoama Community of Brass Council Area of Bayelsa State, the Amayanabo of Okpoama Kingdom, HRM, King Emmanuel Ebitimi Banigo, Okpoama XXI, has sanctioned the raid on spots used by drug peddlers and flogging of boys indecently dressed in the community.

The community youths and chiefs, led by the Chairman of the Chiefs Council, Chief Inikio Sam Sele-Dede, while carrying out the directive of the monarch, demolished 14 drug peddling points and illicit drugs suspected to be cannabis, popularly known as Indian hemp. Also, benzos, cocaine, LSD and codeine were found and seized.

LAGOS HERALD gathered that the decision to move against the illicit drug spots in the community was provoked by the rising drug use of boys within the community with unprovoked tendencies for violence and shabby dressing.

Community residents expressed excitement at the operation, which was carried out in the early hours of Sunday, May 1st.

A reliable source within the Okpoama community confirmed that scores of youths with strange hair cuts and saggy trousers were apprehended and their hair shaved.

The culprits were subjected to the cutting of hair and flogging.

Speaking at end of the exercise, Chief Inikio Sam Sele-Dede, said Okpoama has forbidden drug peddling and consumption, saying that anybody caught will be handed over to the law enforcement agents for prosecution.

He commended the resilience and commitment of the people of the community in checking drug peddling and consumption and called on hard drug dealers to keep off the area.

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