‘I Couldn’t Go Outside My House’ – Safara’u Speaks On Viral Leaked Tape


Kannywood actress, Safiya Yusuf has opened up on her struggle with depression after her nude video was leaked on social media.

The film star popularly known as Safara’u, who was allegedly suspended from ‘Kwana Casa’, the popular TV series on Arewa24, noted that she could not go outside her house for three months.

Yusuf said when she eventually mustered the courage to step outside her gate, she was stoned.

Speaking with BBC Hausa, the actress said the period of her nude video was the most depressing time in her life.

The period when my nude video leaked was the most depressing time in my life because I spent three months without going close to the gate of my house, I was indoors,” she said.

When I eventually mustered the courage to go out, people started abusing me on the road. In fact, one of them once stoned me while I was going out.”

Yusuf also reflected on how the support from her family helped her overcome the trauma she went through at the time.

“I am really grateful for my family because they were the ones that helped me overcome that experience. My brothers and extended family all helped by telling me to let go of the past and face the future,” she said.

The actress also clarified claims that she had been expelled from Kannywood, saying she only took a break from the movie industry, adding that she did not quit acting as claimed.

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