Gunmen abduct three, demand N40m ransom in Kogi


Three people have been abducted by gunmen in Ayere axis of Kogi State while travelling to a nearby town, Ibaram-Akoko in Ondo State.

The victims were allegedly going for a social event in Ibaram when they were abducted.

After their car was attacked, the kidnappers seized them and kept them hostage in the forest

Speaking about the situation, a relative of one of the victims revealed that the kidnappers had already set N40 million ransom demand and that talks to get them to lower it was in progress.

The incident occurred in Kogi State, which the Ondo Police Command claimed was outside of their purview when contacted.

Following the development, the Akala of Ikaram, Oba Andrew Momodu, cautioned travellers on the Ajowa/Ayere/Kabba and Ikaram Akunu to Ayere roads to exercise caution and avoid travelling at night because there are too many criminal elements in the surrounding forests.

Oba Momodu urged security personnel, vigilantes, and indigenous hunters in both states to work together to curb crime, especially kidnapping, which he said is rife in the axis.

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