Group demands justice as commercial driver crushes 15-year-old beggar to death

A rights group, Human Rights, Liberty Access And Peace Defenders Foundation (HURIDE) has called for punishment against a commercial driver with a transport company, who killed a 15-year-old beggar in Onitsha, Anambra State.

The group in a statement in Onitsha condemned the killing of the girl, describing it as gruesome.

The group said the girl was run over by the driver on April 29, and neither the driver nor the transport company had met with the relatives of the deceased.

A statement by the executive director of the group, Dede Uzor said: “The said girl was killed by a hit and run Peace Mass Transit driver along the Onitsha/Asaba Expressway, before Bridgehead, but did not stop until he was pursued and arrested by officials of Anambra Road Traffic Agency (ATMA).

“Unfortunately, the management of the transport company has neither met with the deceased’s family nor extended formal condolences to them.

“We call on the Anambra State Police Command to immediately set up a machinery in motion to arrest all the people involved in the despicable unfortunate killing of the girl and five others who sustained various degrees of injuries to serve as a deterrent to other reckless drivers.

“How could a driver kill a poor girl, injured five other people and escape before he was caught by patriotic citizens and since then the management of the transport company has not deemed it fit to visit the bereaved family or hospital to see five others who were injured in the process?”

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