EPL: Grow up you child – Jordan slams lamenting Man United star


Manchester United goalkeeper, Dean Henderson has been told to ‘grow up’ and stop being a child.

Henderson, now on loan at Nottingham Forest revealed his parent club, Manchester United left him ‘fuming’ for what he called ‘criminal’ treatment during the 2021/22 campaign.

The England international slammed Manchester, accusing them of failing in their promise to make him the club’s number goalkeeper.

Jordan believes the 25-year-old went out of line in the interview.

“It is a self-indulgent whine,” he told talkSPORT

“But where he has gone over the line…” Jordan said, adding that the Englishman wants everyone to feel sorry for him, “because he wasn’t able to displace De Gea.

“He, not anybody else, was not able to displace De Gea.

“Oh grow up you child! You are at a fabulous football club, being paid a fabulous amount of money.

“Get on with it, grow some backbone and don’t do a ridiculous interview seeming to illicit sympathy from anybody.”

Henderson described Manchester United’s actions towards him as “criminal”, claiming that he refused to train under new boss, Erik ten Hag.

Henderson said last season was the toughest 12 months of his career, adding that he was so happy he left the club on loan.

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