Denrele Replies Mockers After Falling Hard On Stage

Popular media personality, Denrele Edun has replied those people mocking him over an incident that occurred recently while he was hosting an event in Lagos.

This came after a video of the 40-year-old falling hard on stage while entertaining his audience surfaced on social media

Replying to the statement that he possessed  ‘excessive energy’ which led to his fall, Denrele said; “To craze dey easy, na the trekking hard, yes i felll and fell hardo Craze dey easy, na the Trekking dey HARD! Yes, I fell and FELL HARD! Sustained a deep gash on my knee but jumped right back up and continued HOSTING. Was bleeding profusely, ran backstage and sprayed all my perfumes on the wound. Show wey I never collect balance for? I no wan hear Story! P.S: This same fall was featured on the “Science of Stupid” show last week on the National Geographic Channel! I haff BLOW! SHALAYE MUCH???”

The Lagos Herald

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