Comedienne Reveals How Women Engage In S3x For Role With Other Female


Nigerian skit-maker and actress, Kemi Ikuseedun also known as Mummy Wa, has said women also engage in sex-for-roles with fellow women.

Mummy noted this while speaking with Saturday beats, revealing that men are not the only ones guilty of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

She also added that such things have always been a part of the system.

She said; “I feel like it’s general in the entertainment industry. There will always be things like that. Some men ask for some things, and some women ask for some things as well. You will be shocked. But, if you know what you want to do, just get at it. You don’t need anyone who wants to have sex with you just because of a skit. It does not show real talent. One does not need to feel pressured.”

When questioned about her reason for dressing like an elderly woman in many of her skits, Kemz said it is just a character and not intended to ward off advances.

“The character is that of a mother. I am depicting the an old generation mother,” she said.

The content creator also said consistency was responsible for what she had been able to achieve with her career.

She said; “People are always watching. They know when one is consistent. You will be shocked to know that people have been watching.”

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