ChaCha Eke Breaks Silence On Mental Breakdown, Absence From Social Media


Nollywood actress Chacha Eke Faani has broken silence on the report of her mental breakdown and absence from social media.

A few weeks ago, some Nigerians took to social media to express concern for the talented actress after an anonymous blogger alleged that her medical condition has gone beyond the bipolar disorder she was diagnosed with, in 2020.

The Instagram blogger also alleged that ChaCha Eke’s condition made her team disable her Instagram page.

A couple of hours ago, ChaCha Eke took to Instagram to update her followers and colleagues while expressing appreciation to them for their prayers.

She also shared a photo of herself beaming with smiles affirming that darkness cannot swallow light.

ChaCha Eke added that the prayers of her fans and colleagues brought her mind back to life and her body on track.

She wrote: “Truly, darkness cannot swallow light. God is Real Beloved, your prayers eventually brought my mind back to life & my body back on track. Thank you so much, everyone.”

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