Borno Communities donate N10m nomination form for Rep’s re-election bid

LAGOS HERALD – Residents of Biu, Bayo, Kwaya, Kusar and Shani Federal Constituency of Borno State have raised funds to obtain the nomination form of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Mukhtar Betara Aliyu.

The Expression of Interest and Nomination Form was purchased on Thursday, at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Abuja, on behalf of the lawmaker, who is seeking a fourth term at the Green Chamber. 

According to Adamu Shettima Yuguda, a former Deputy Governor of Borno State and leader of the Borno Communities who obtained the form, N10 million was donated by the entire members of the communities where the lawmaker hailed from.

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“I am one of the delegation that came to pick form for our own representative member, Hon. Mukhtar Betara Aliyu who is in the holy land. As a community we are here to pick the form for him, so we are a delegation of millions of people.

We want him back because of his history and his antecedents. He has done a lot and our people of course donated from N20 to N10 million contributed money. He’s not even aware that we are here today.

We came here to pick the form on his behalf, and so this is just for picking the form, the grand finale for the presentation to him will be done in the Local Government.”

Speaking further, Yuguda disclosed that, “the community sent us, they contributed from N20 up to N10 million and so we had the money paid to pick the form and hand over to him. So our people want him back.

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Speaking on Betara’s achievements, he said: “He has done a lot. If I begin to point them out I won’t finish till tomorrow.”

“Betara Aliyu embarked on series of empowerment and human capital development programmes, road construction and infrastructure in general.”

While noting that Betara enjoyed massive support from his constituency, Yuguda disclosed that “as we speak he has no opposition up till now. There is nobody picking the form apart from him. And so he’s just going to be ease. If it’s tomorrow that is going to be the election, so be it.”

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Also speaking, Media Consultant to Betara Aliyu Campaign Organisation, Aisha Ibrahim described the legislator as a “very generous man, very humble and he has the people at his heart – the people of his constituency; he is a very generous man indeed.

Most of the empowerment programmes he has carried out in his constituency so far have been that of the women and the youth and I cannot begin to recount them now. In fact, recently, he did it in all the headquarters of his constituency.

One of the things he is planning is to build an empowerment centre for women where they will get trained in different skills. The support from groups is massive.”

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On his part, Mustapha Mohammed said: “I think he has the right to aspire to any position in this country. So we are in support of his aspiration to the position of the Speakership in the National Assembly because he has the experience and he has the capacity and he has demonstrated it.

And his colleagues can testify to that, so we are behind him to attain any position of authority in this country.”

On the relationship between Governor Babagana Zulum and Mukhtar Betara Aliyu, he affirmed that the relationship between them is very cordial.

Mohammed who coordinated the collection of the donations from the indigenes, said: “I coordinate the collection. You can see as little as N20 towards this assignment, so it shows that the grassroots people are in full support of him coming back as a representative at the National Assembly.”

Aliyu was elected into the House of Representatives in 2007. He served as the Chairman, House Committee on the Army in the 7th Assembly; Chairman, of the House Committee on Defence in the 8th Assembly, and currently chairs the House Committee on Appropriations. 


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