Asenoguan Osamuede Isobomuwa, Candidate for NBA General Secretary Hails Owerri and Udu Branches for Successful Elections


Below is Mr Asenoguan’s congratulatory message to the Owerri and Udu branches of the NBA on the successful conduct of their branch elections.

“I am delighted to felicitate and congratulate the Owerri and Udu branches of the NBA on the seamless conduct of their branch elections.

The NBA has continually presented to the general public sterling examples of how electoral processes are run and Owerri and Udu are by no means left out in this profound show of excellence.

It is on this note that I urge the newly elected officials of the said said branches to equally apply the sterling example to the administration of their branch by carrying everyone along and ultimately consolidating on the achievements of the previous executives.

May the Owerri and Udu branches remain prosperous in their endeavours.

Thank you and God bless”

Asenoguan Osamuede Isobomuwa

Candidate for the position of General Secretary of the NBA 2022-2024


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