Apple updates AirTag firmware to version 1.0.301 for 1% of devices



Apple has released an update for AirTags, refreshing the firmware of the compact tracker and bringing it up to version 1.0.301.

Released alongside other betas on Tuesday, the AirTag firmware update is build number 1A301, replacing the previous build, 1A291. It is unclear exactly what has been updated in the firmware, as Apple has yet to release notes about the update itself.

While users normally have ways to update the firmware of devices manually, there is no such option for AirTag, and instead, users have to wait for it to occur on its own.

The update will also gradually roll out to all Airtags, with approximately 1% receiving it on Thursday, followed by 10% on May 3, and 25% by May 9. According to @AppleSWUpdates on Twitter, all AirTags are expected to get the new firmware by May 13.

Though an update cannot be forced, users can check to see if their AirTag has been updated, by opening the Find My app on their iPhone, then tapping Items, then the relevant AirTag. Tapping the battery icon for the AirTag displays the serial number and the firmware version.


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