Apostle Suleman S3x Scandal: Adeyanju Promises Otobo $10,000 If She Meets His Condition

Activist and public commentator, Deji Adeyanju has challenged Apostle Johnson Suleman’s accuser Stephanie Otobo.

Recall that LAGOS HERALD earlier reported that Otobo took to Twitter on Monday to release what she claimed to be private photographs between her and the clergyman.

Responding to Otobo claims, Adeyanju stated that he no longer believes her and promised to give her $10,000 if she is truly involved with Suleman.

He wrote: “This lady always ranting about @APOSTLESULEMAN doesn’t get tired. It’s now a yearly thing. Even if you show pictures of the man of God robbing a bank, I won’t believe. In this age of photoshop. Show us video evidence then I will believe. The pictures posted all look fake.

“My dear sister, I have listened to your allegations against @APOSTLESULEMAN for some years now & I have only one request to make of you: post a picture of both of you together if you have ever met him. It doesn’t even have to be a naked picture.

“If she can provide a video of them together anywhere in the world, either on a plane, a restaurant or in bed: I will knack her $10,000. “

The Lagos Herald

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